Once the DANMARK was finished, I started on Nelson's flagship, HMS VICTORY. This was another plank on frame boxed kit and here is a picture of the finished ship.

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  1. Français admiratif21 June 2018 at 18:22

    « About the external painting of foreign men-of-war at the time of Trafalgar, Captain William Stanhope Lovell, who took part in the action in the Neptune, gives some interesting particulars. Speaking of the ships of the allies, he says :
    "Some of them were painted like ourselves with double yellow sides ; some with a single red or yellow streak; others all black; and the noble
    Santísima Trinidad, with four distinct lines of red, with a white ribbon between them. … The Santa Ana …, was painted all black. … It was remarked by (Nelson) that the enemy had the iron hoops round their masts painted black. Orders were issued by signal to whitewash those of his fleet, that, in the event of all the ensigns being shot away, his ships might be distinguished by their white masts and hoops." «

    William Laird Clowes, Clements Robert Markham, The Royal Navy. A History from the Earliest Times to the Present, volume 5, pages 25 et 26, S. Low & Marston, Londres, 1897.