KM BISMARCK canvas print

Here’s how I made a canvas wall print of my BISMARCK model.

I set up a plank in my garden from the top of a stepladder to the garden wall and then put my model on the plank.

I then took a 12 Megapixel picture of the model with the sky in the background.

I downloaded the picture to my pc and cropped the bottom and sides. I then found a Hi-res picture of a grey sea on Google images.

I re-sized it to the width of my Bismarck picture and pasted it to the waterline using MS Paint. Pieces of the sea were then copied and pasted at the bow and stern of the ship so that it appeared to sit in the sea and not on top of it. I then airbrushed a bow wave and wake using Paintshop Pro.

The picture was then re-sized so that its width was the same as the model.
The final bitmap was downloaded to a flash drive and taken to a Kodak Photoshop where it was printed on “Rembrandt” canvas.
I then took the canvas to a picture framing gallery where it was framed.
It now sits above the model as a perfect accompaniment to a great partwork.

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